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Keze Investment Group

Ever since its establishment in December 2003, Keze Investment Group (Keze Group) has gradually evolved into an integrated enterprise group that focus on two main business units of real estate, and pharmaceuticals, and combines new material development, cold-chain logistics, sheet metal manufacturing, capital funding, start-up investment, golf and high-end services. Keze Group is headquartered in Shenzhen, China and employs over 4,000 people.

Over ten years, Keze Group adhere to the mission of “Creating a remarkable value ecosystem”, dedicated itself as a benchmarking reliable enterprise. In order to triumph in this new era and in the transforming stage in China, Keze Group will based on the internal team building, to cooperate with all resources and to realize the industry communication. It aims to establish a value promoting ecosystem by pursuing leadership within  the industry, and to become the paragon in management and business operating.


Keze Novel Materials

Established in 2017, SHUYANG KEZE Novel Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KEZE Novel Materials”) is under the control of KEZE GROUP which also takes charge of its management and operation.

Keze Novel Materials is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the field of polymer materials, integrating product R & D, production and sales with a wide range of products and complete categories. The polyester film independently developed and produced by the company can be widely used in various industrial fields such as aluminum plating, printing, card protection,bronzing, release, gold and silver wire, kink film, waterproof, etc. In the future, the company plans to expand the application of recyclable polyester materials.At present, the company has 18 thousand ton’s polyester production line, 4 German donier direct melt biaxial tensile film production lines and 1 domestic test line. It owns production and R&D bases in Jiangsu and other places.

In the future, Keze Novel Materials will be based on the international perspective to build a Chinese brand and strive to become a leader in the new material industry by consolidating existing advantages, strengthening independent innovation, and developing cleaner and environmentally friendly new materials.

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The success of a corporation strongly depends on its outstanding corporate culture. KEZE Group prefers to define its corporate culture as the logic behind success. When entering the important time of new development stage,KEZE Group conducts a deep self-reflection and a systematic examination of its culture, which helps form a KEZE culture system and makes a strategic goal continuous systemizing and upgrading its culture.

Our MissionTo Create A Remarkable Value-based Ecosphere.

Our Mission:To Create A Remarkable Value-based Ecosphere

KEZE Group is dedicated to discovering values according to the opportunity of China’s Transformation and Upgrading. Based on clients and market needs, it widely integrates resources from home and abroad and actively promotes interactions between industries in order to reconstruct and rebuild a remarkable value-based ecosphere.

Our VisionTo Become a Trustworthy Benchmarking Corporation..

Our Vision:To Become a Trustworthy Benchmarking Corporation

Being trustworthy is a quality that KEZEers pursued. To become a trustworthy corporation means to create more values for clients, shareholders, staff and other stakeholders, which enable more people to benefit from corporate growth. Being trustworthy also refers to comply with commercial rules and take social responsibility while earning profits.

To become a benchmarking corporation is KEZE’s goal. In this competitive era, being a benchmark is not only a pursuit, but also a way to survive. It means to achieve leading positions in all industrial fields and to become a model in management and organization. KEZE advocates that management and construction can efficiently support its growth while making contributions to social spiritual wealth.

Our Core ValueMarket Liberalism.

Our Core Value:Market Liberalism

Market liberalism is the essential reason of KEZE’s success. In all of its operation and management, 
KEZE follows market liberalism and distributes resources according to market opportunities.



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