Keze Novel Materials, attending “2019 Suqian Green Industry Expo”

On 28th of September, the local event of 2019 Suqian Green Industry Expo was held the Grand opening in Suqian Exhibition center. The theme of this Green Fair is “green, integration and leap”, Focus on the green industry and ecological economy to carry out economic and trade negotiations, promote the integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, and further gather new momentum of green leapfrog development

Keze Novel Materials, as a well-known local enterprise, brought its advanced technology products to the exhibition. Keze Novel Materials also showed its main product series: Packaging base film, Card protection base film, Release base film, Protection base film, Bronzing base film, Transfer base film , and Lurex thread base film, Tangle film. The stand attracted industry experts and interested people.

2019 Suqian Green Industry Expo is the largest scale and most influential event in Suqian, not only is the important platform for strengthen economic, trade exchanges and industrial cooperation, but also is the ideal brand broadcast platform. Keze Novel Materials attending the event, not only improves the external popularity, but also expands brand influence.

Post time: Jun-29-2020