The 6S management activities of SHUYANG KEZE NOVEL MATERIALS CO.,LTD

The 6S management activities of KEZE NOVEL MATERIALS CO.,LTD continue to be carried out.

Don’t forget the original intention

Keze New Materials January 19 

After nearly two years of 6S promotion, the 6S management of Keze New Materials production site has reached a new level. In order to summarize the past, expand the influence and scope of implementation, gradually deepen from the surface to the core. In January 2021, the company launched the 6S theme month series. Activities to promote 6S management to a higher level .

 6S ubiquitous publicity

Strengthen thematic publicity

Intensify publicity efforts, based on the participation of all employees, through publicity bulletin boards, park slogans, landmark stickers, and electronic screens to cyclically broadcast 6S related topics, etc., to create everyone’s participation in the company , everyone’s practice, and make artificial environment and environmental education people deep into the heart

Management and on-site visual training

On January 8, a 6S management improvement training was held. All members from 6S promotion committees, 6S promotion offices, and 6S promotion officers participated in the training. Deepen the understanding of the participants through practical case 6S, providing detailed operation of the program and recommendations for improvement work, apply what they learn in the future work in order to enhance their management, power production along the line, to give new impetus to the development of the company’s


Fixed-point photography tracking

For areas with poor 6S or blind spots, follow up and improve regularly until they are improved